Pandora-Gilboa Local Schools
Welcome to Pandora-Gilboa Schools website. We are pleased to announce that once again
our district has earned the Excellent rating from the Ohio Department of Education. Thank you
students, community, staff, and parents.
2003-04 Report Card
2004-05 Report  Card
2005-06 Report  Card
2006-07 Report Card
For the fifth consecutive year (2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07, 2007/2008) the Pandora-Gilboa school has earned the highest possible school ranking from the Ohio State Board of Education. Thank you parents, students, teachers, and staff for the team effort. (Click here to view our 2007-08 report card.)
Schools of Distinction Information: Pandora-Gilboa Elementary 2006-2006
The Schools of Distinction program is an initiative designed to recognize schools whose students -- including students with disabilities -- achieve high academic performance.
In Fall 2006, ODE recognized 83 schools in which 75 percent of all students, including students with disabilities, scored proficient or above on the 2005-2006 achievement tests or the Ohio Graduation Tests in reading and mathematics. Eight of these schools also were among the 21 schools that earned the School of Distinction designation last year based on 2004-2005 data and selection criteria. Pandora-Gilboa Elementary school is one of those schools.
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