(Local Professional Development Committee)




LPDC Information Form General information, needs of the LPDC
LPDC Handbook Contain the rules and guidelines of the LPDC
Explanation of Forms Explains which forms need to be filled out by individuals

IPDP (Individual Professional Development Plan) Information

Guide to filling out the IPDP

IPDP Question and Answer Common questions about the IPDP
IPDP Activity Guidelines Possible IPDP activities and associated CEU's
IPDP Group Activity Comparison Explanation of the different group activities
IPDP Goals List of possible goals for the IPDP
IPDP Group 3 and 4 Rubric Scoring criteria for a group three or four activity





IPDP Individual professional development plan form
IPDP Activity Verification Form needed for approval of group 3 and 4 activities
Activity Log Sheet Form for keeping track of IPDP activities
Final Requirement Worksheet Sheet used to calculate all CEU's for renewal of license
Call for Candidates Form used to nominate a person for the LPDC committee

**Ohio Department of Education Online Certificate/License Forms**


NOTE: to open these pages a pdf viewer like Acrobat Reader is needed. The forms will also auto calculate total hours, clock hour to CEU conversions, as well as semester/quarter hour to CEU conversions.